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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions govern the supplier-customer relationship between the author of products (Roman Macura, Precision software & consulting) and the customer.

The author, owner and supplier of all the products exposed on the website is Roman Macura (Precision software & consulting), Narodnich mucedniku 447, 738 01 Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic, IC: 64957977, VAT ID: CZ7310205540. See also: Contact and business information.

2. Product prices

All product prices on site are noted excluding the VAT. The supplier is VAT registered. See also: Contact and business information.

3. Order and payment

Order and payment for the selected product can be performed in the following ways.

MyCommerce (Share-It!) service

MyCommerce (Share-It!) is a service of Digital River GmbH - a reputable reseller of software products. This service enables fast and secure payments and distribution of products over the internet.

For a complete order processing and on-line payment using this service simply select the appropriate link near the selected product on the Orders page.

PayPal service

Donations for development of products that are available free of charge can be realized using the popular PayPal service.

Provided donations are not charged under the VAT system.

4. Product delivery and registration

Immediately after receiving the payment on the supplier's (reseller's) account, the e-mail with license key (applies to software products), or the product itself (applies to "web templates", "print template" and "printed materials in electronic form"), will be sent to the customer.

License key can take the form of "serial number" or "license file". This license key enables the customer to register the product (via the product registration options) and to use the product in accordance with the license agreement.

5. Warranty and complaints

Each product is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

By ordering the software product, the customer is entitled to free updates for a whole version cycle, and this for at least 12 (twelve) months.

Specific license conditions for the use of a purchased product are not included in these Terms and Conditions and are listed separately on each web page and in the distribution package of the product.

Although all offered software products are distributed in the "try-before-you-buy" business model, and each client therefore has a sufficiently long time for free of charge verification of features and functionality of the product, we provide 30 day money back guarantee, without giving any reason, for all purchased software products. Refunded amount is reduced by any transaction fees associated with returning the money from the supplier to the customer.

A product functionality complaint can be realized by contacting the supplier's technical and customer support on the web address, or by the e-mail at address

On the purchased products of the kind "web template", "print template" and "printable materials in electronic form" we can not provide a money back guarantee or exchange for another product, due their nature.

6. Privacy / GDPR

Personal data entered into the order forms (or e-mails) are used to implement the accounting operations, accounting for payments and to communicate with the customer. This is specifically: company name (or person name), e-mail address, postal address, and VAT number. Such personal information is confidential and author (supplier) claims he does not sell, rent, or otherwise does not provide such information to third parties.

The administrator of these personal data is Roman Macura (ID: 64957977, Narodnich mucedniku 447, 738 01 Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic, e-mail: The legal reason for this processing is the fulfillment of the license agreement for the purchased product. These personal data are processed for this purpose for the duration of the product license.

To ensure online purchase and product registration, we work with the following processors, who can access your data. Disclosure occurs solely in connection with online ordering and online product registration. These processors are: MyCommerce Share-it (Digital River GmbH,, as an online purchase processor) and eGate (, as a provider of webhosting, that processes an online product registration). We do not provide anyone else with your personal information.

7. Conclusion

These terms and conditions are intended to purchase products on the website (the product's author website). Buying a product of "Precision software & consulting" company from any available reseller shall be governed by its terms of use.

These terms and conditions are valid from 2015-02-08.

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