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In the list below you can find our customers and partners, for which we have become the supplier of the required solutions and services in the field of information technology, or with whom we collaborate on development of our products.

ATLAS consulting, spol. s r.o.

ATLAS consulting spol. s r.o. is a leading Czech software producer, that develops and provides an advanced legal and economic information systems for small, medium and large companies.

Call us, s.r.o.

Call us, s.r.o. is a distributor and service organization of the APSi product - a software for warehouse management, that is designed especially for shops with spare parts for motor vehicles. Call us, s.r.o. cooperates with a leading suppliers of spare parts in the Czech Republic and abroad.

NEXTIS, s.r.o.

A supplier of the NextIs information system that is created utilizing the latest software technologies and the years of experience in the control and management companies.

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