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Draw Designer

Easy to use generator of draws and fixtures for your tournaments, leagues or other competitions. It allows you to create blank draws as well as draws with recorded results. High quality output in Adobe PDF or Windows Metafile (EMF) vector format can be used for printing or other post processing in any graphical software.

Product features:

  • Single and double elimination draws
  • Round-Robin groups and league competitions
  • Swiss-system tournaments (including tie-breaking criteria)
  • AFL Finals system draws
  • Alternating doubles draws
  • Customizable draws (by using scripting language)
  • Custom database of participants (players, teams, etc.)
  • Easy recording of match results
  • Interactive standings table
  • Chaining of draws (for organizing multi-phase tournaments)
  • Various options to produce different styles of draws
  • Smart preview of resulting draw
  • Clipboard operations support
  • High quality output into PDF and EMF formats
  • Customizable export of draws into any text based format (html, svg, graphml, txt, ...)

Single Elimination Draws

You can print single elimination draws for selected no. of participants or you can organize the whole tournament and print the final (or partial) results.

See an example

Double Elimination Draws

Draw Designer helps you to follow the rules of selected system. Winners and losers are automatically assigned to the next appropriate matches in the draw.

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Round-Robin groups

A widely used system, especially for the first phases of tournaments. There are various options for designing this kind of draws, as no. of participants in each group, points for win, draw or loss, etc.

See an example

League competitions

With the help of Draw Designer you can also organize league competitions. Pairing is based on Berger scheduling tables, "Standings table" is included into this variant of round-robin draw.

See an example

Swiss-system tournaments

Swiss-system template allows you to organize tournaments for 4 up to 256 participants. Draw Designer automatically pairs the participants according to the rules of this playing system. It supports the following tie-breaking criteria for final standings: Buchholz, Sonneborn-Berger, Progressive score, Median Buchholz, Direct encounters, No. of wins, and more. Wall chart, fixtures and results, crosstable and standings are printed to the resulting draw.

This template can also be used to print a blank tournament sheets for selected no. of participants. Another variant of usage is a round-robin tournament, where you want to use a different tie-breaking criteria than the simple "score".

See an example

AFL Finals system

Australian Football League Finals system. Designed for 8 teams (or players).

See an example

Alternating doubles

Round-robin doubles tournament, where the pairs are changing for every match.

See an example

Other options

Draw Designer gives you a lot of options to produce different styles and layouts of your draws. So you can print the single elimination draws divided into more pages, you can select the font, or you can filter informations that will be printed into the output.

If you will use Draw Designer directly in the place of your tournament, it allows you to comfortably enter the results of individual matches.

After the tournament is finished, you can print the final results, or you can post process the Windows Metafile output later in any graphical software.

Draw Designer is distributed as a standard installation package or in the form of ZIP archive (for portable installation). Both variants can be found in our Downloads section.


Draw Designer is a replacement for previously supplied service "Draw Designer OnLine", whose providing we unfortunately had to stop on May 1, 2012. Please take the new application as a compensation for this service.

If you are interested in predefined draw templates, see our Precision Competitions - Printable Templates collection. It contains high quality printable materials (document templates), related to sports and competitions.

Current version

Version: 2.5
Released: 2014-02-27

License: Freeware

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Product translations:

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