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Posted: 21.10.2017 [10:46]


I would like to thank the company for the freeware of draw desinger.It is very good and helpful for clubs doing tournaments.
I have been using it a lot but I have not managed to find any solution to the problem with byes ,when choosing the single elimination draw and the no of participants are not 16 32 or 64 the draw comes with matches between two byes which is not right when you select to randomise the non seeded players.
Is there any solution to that



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Posted: 23.10.2017 [16:21]


You can solve this the following way:

1) Fill all participants up to the system maximum (ie. up to 8, 16, etc.) while naming all non-existing players with "bye".
2) Perform the fixtures draw ("Randomize non-seeded positions" option is checked, as usual)
3) Uncheck "Randomize non-seeded positions"
4) Move "bye" players that cause the issue up or down in participants list
5) Reset the fixtures draw

Kind regards,


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