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Features overview

Here is the overview of important or interesting features of the JavaScript SiteSearch Generator.

As the name suggests, it can generate a fulltext search index files for your products. But generating the search index is only a one phase of implementing the search functionality to your application. JavaScript SiteSearch Generator contains also the other important components, that give the possibility to search and display the results to your users. They are supplied in the form of javascript source codes and the predefined examples of their implementation.

Search engine

So inside this product you can find

  • an adequate search algorithm
  • form for entering the searched text
  • a list with the search results
  • possibility to highlight the searched terms

More information about the search engine coding can be found in an online help.

By purchasing the "JavaScript SiteSearch Generator" you get the "royalty-free license" to use and distribute the search engine source codes as a part of your products.

Projects and templates

For each generated search index, you can define your own project. You can manage projects in the left side bar, where you can easily create a tree structure with projects and folders.

In the projects list you can find also a predefined examples, that are distributed together with the product.

Templates can be used by two ways. Either as a simple functional examples of the search engine implementation, or as a predefined common files that will be always copied into your site along with the generated search index.

Of course, you can define your own templates and add them to your templates list.

Project options

You can define a basic options for your projects, such as the folder of your site, that you want to be indexed, the selected search template, project title, and more.

Files and folders

The files and folders, that you want to include to your index file, can be specified more precisely in the second tab of the generator application. You can define the folders, individual files or additional "url addresses", as well as the include and exclude masks for files.

Build settings

An advanced options can be selected for generating your index, such as the index file encoding, custom terms separators, excluded words and more.


Previewing the results

When the generating process is finished, you can immediately preview the results by clicking the "Preview" button. This can be done automatically by selecting an appropriate option in the "build settings".

See the JavaScript SiteSearch Generator demo projects in action, along with the practical applications on the online help systems for all our products.

Current version

Version: 1.5.2
Released: 2013-01-06

License: Shareware

Browser support:

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


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