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pdScript IDE

pdScript IDE (Precision Delphi Script IDE) is a development environment for writing the code and designing the forms (GUI) in a Pascal Script language.

Except editing the code and designing the graphical user interface as such, pdScript IDE facilitates especially the assignment of events. Users of "RemObjects Pascal Script" know, that this task must be handled directly in the script code, so the feature of automatic events assignment is a big help when designing scripts that are connected to the user interface.

The IDE supports also "plug-ins mechanism", that allows extending its possibilities in many ways. The plug-ins (call them extensions or experts, as you want) are designed as scripts, that are executed by an embedded pdScript interpreter.

pdScript IDE can also be used as a standalone editor of scripts, that are designed for any product that relies on "RemObjects Pascal Script" engine (its use is not limited to pdScript interpreter). It supports a Windows Messaging Interface, so it can be executed from within your application and then controlled by Windows messages. This is the option how to use the pdScript IDE as companion tool for your own products (no matter what kind of interpreter or compiler you use).

And even more, pdScript IDE can be also used as a standalone editor of VCL forms. For now there is only a standard subset of VCL components available, but it should be large enough for editing the forms, that are used for scripting purposes.

pdScript IDE main features

  • Code editor
    A classic script code editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Code completion
    The editor has a "code completion" feature, that can help you with writing your code.
  • Code Browser
    This tool holds the list of routines (functions and procedures), that are defined in the script. You can easily search these routines and locate them
    in the editor by double clicking the mouse or pressing the Enter key.
  • Visual Form Designer
    With the help of this tool you can design a form - the graphical user interface of your script. Controling the designer is similar to other development environments, so the components can be moved on the form by dragging the mouse, it is possible to change the dimensions using the handles, you can copy and paste the components, etc.
  • Object Inspector
    This panel allows you to adjust the property values and assign the events for
    each component in the form (user interface).
  • Tool Palette
    A list of components that are available for use in the form (user interface).
  • Script Manager
    This tool can help you manage your scripts. You can organize favorite scripts into folders and open them quickly. It contains also predefined nodes like
    "Samples", "Library" and "Extensions", that contain the scripts located in these
    pdScript IDE related folders.
  • Events assignment solution
    As all the developers that use RemObjects Pascal Script engine know, it is needed to manually assign the component event handlers inside the script code. pdScript IDE solves this automatically for you the same way, as for example the Embarcadero Delphi do.
  • Coding schemes
    pdScript IDE allows you to write the scripts also for other interpreters than
    pdScript. By choosing your custom code completion template and your custom
    compiler/interpreter, you can use this IDE for development of the scripts for
    other applications.
  • WM Interface
    pdScript IDE can be executed from your application (for example by the ShellExecute API function) and then controlled by Windows messages (WM Interface). This is the option how to use the pdScript IDE as companion tool for your own products. Full featured tutorial for implementing the WM Interface into your application is available in the help reference (direct link).
  • Syntax check, Run and Build options
    pdScript IDE contains a standard "syntax check" and "run" options for the script. Moreover, it also allows you to build a standalone executable applications, including an optional encryption of your code.
  • Script templates
    You can use a predefined script templates when you are starting to create a new script or so called code templates, that are available via code-completion window.
  • IDE Extensions
    pdScript IDE supports "plug-ins mechanism", that allows extending its possibilities in many ways. The extensions (plug-ins or experts, as you want) are designed as scripts, so you can create your own extensions directly in the IDE. Some predefined extensions are already provided as examples - like Comments, Aligning components, Syntax Higlighting Editor, etc.

Detailed description of pdScript IDE features can be found in the help reference.

Scripting language features

pdScript IDE's default script interpreter is pdScript. Programmer's reference and detailed description of pdScript interpreter can be found in online help.


Installation packages contain many sample scripts, that can be opened, edited and executed from within the IDE.


pdScript IDE is distributed as a SHAREWARE (try-before-you-buy) product. You can test its features during a period of 30 days. The trial version is fully functional, but it is limited by nag screens on start and on exit of the program.

There are three editions of the pdScript IDE, that you can choose from. See the comparison on the product home page.

pdScript Interpreter

Version: 1.9
Released: 2013-02-17

License: Freeware

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Windows Server 2000/2003/2008

Beta versions and updates ...
   1.9.6, 2013-08-03

pdScript IDE

Version: 1.3
Released: 2012-02-17

License: Shareware

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8


Beta versions and updates ...
   1.3.10, 2013-08-03

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