Programmer's Reference

Here is the brief overview of Pascal Script language syntax, that is supported by the pdScript interpreter. The help for the reserved words, types, objects, functions and other identifiers of Pascal language can be found in the Embarcadero Delphi or in the FreePascal help references, or on the web. The syntax of objects, methods and identifiers, that are specific to the pdScript, is described in this chapter (and its topics).

For the Pascal Script language implementation the third-party components have been used (RemObjects Software PascalScript), so when writing the code, it is necessary to take into account some specifics in compare to code written with Delphi or FreePascal tools. Detailed description of scripting language possibilities can be found on the manufacturer's web site:, but it is a good practice to use a "code completion" feature of the pdScript IDE, that shows the list of available objects, methods, types, variables and constants.

Also you should keep in mind, that this reference may be outdated in compare to currently used version of pdScript interpreter. So, if you will need some actual information, please refer to the manufacturer's web site or contact the technical support.

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