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Precision NCA Components for VCL are designed for all Delphi versions from 7 to XE7. No other third-party components and libraries are required for using these components in Delphi 2009 and newer. Older versions of Delphi require the 'PngImage component' to be installed.

Precision NCA Components for VCL package is distributed as a standard ZIP file with design-time packages, source files and demonstration projects. The trial versions do not contain main source files, but only the pre-compiled binaries (dcu's, bpl's, etc.). See the download section for more details.

Supported Delphi IDEs:

All Delphi versions from 7 through XE7

How to install?

  1. Create a new folder in any location and unzip the archive content to it.
  2. Add the Source subdirectory of a newly created folder to your Library path.
  3. Open, compile and install an appropriate package of 'Precision NCA Components', that is intended for your Delphi version. (ie. PNCA_D7.dpk, PNCA_D2009.dpk, PNCA_DXE.dpk, etc.).

If you do not want to install these components manually, then you can download an automatic installer of 'Precision NCA Components for VCL' and let the Setup Wizard do all the work for you.

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Follow the steps of Setup Wizard.

Then you can open, compile and execute the demo projects, that can be found in the Demos folder. (Examples for an older Delphi versions are available in the Demos\D7-D2007 folder)

Current version

Version: 1.2
Released: 2014-10-01

License: Shareware

Supported Delphi IDEs:
version 7 through XE7

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