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Custom formsScriptingv2011.01.192011-01-19
 This project demonstrates the usage of custom PascalScript forms... 
Saving the reportProtocols and eventsv2010.12.032010-12-04
 Shows the possibility to save the report log into desired locati... 
 Example of playing the sound... 
Calling function from DLLScriptingv1.02010-12-01
 Example of calling the DLL function from Precision Builder Expre... 
Replacing textText filesv1.02010-11-18
 This example shows the "Replace text in files" action usage... 
ProjectVars accessScriptingv1.02010-11-18
 Demonstrates the access to project variables via in-line PascalS... 
Example 01Interactive dialogsv1.02010-11-18
 Using the information messages, error messages and other dialogs... 
Repeat untilFlow controlv1.02010-11-18
 Flow control example to show the "repeat - until" loop syntax... 
While loopFlow controlv1.02010-11-18
 Flow control example to show the "While loop" syntax... 
Action type availableFlow controlv1.02010-11-18
 Flow control example to show the "ATREADY" macro usage. Also thi... 

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Note: If add-on is not published as a package, but the action type file (.pbt) and your browser opens it directly, use the "Save target as ..." option from the context menu.

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