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Features overview

Here is the overview of important or interesting features of the Precision Builder Express product. Full features list can be found here.

Easily customizable

Precision Builder Express provides comprehensive and easy to use environment for the definition, management and execution of automation projects.

It is adapted for the use of existing applications, so their functions can be organized into the well structured, anytime executable script. It covers a wide range of customer requirements, as users can continue to use their established and proven applications.

Each script action can be used and parameterized in another script (see Action library).

Action library

Actions can be designed, used and published with the help of Action library. Anyone can define and publish the action to other users.
The core action type is the "Command-line execution", but there are also more special interfaces, from which mainly the "scripting language (PascalScript)" allows users to conveniently define basically any action, including the graphical user interface.

Precision Builder Express offers a large number of predefined action types, that you can preview also in our Add-ons gallery.


There is an Action selector available for comfortable addition of actions to the script. In the selector panel you can quickly search and filter the actions. For example you can display only the actions used in the current script, or you can display only your favorite actions.

In addition to compiling the entire script, there are available the debugging options, options to "run from" and "run to" the selected action, options to run a "branch" and more tracing options.

Actions in a script can be easily organized into a logical structure to suit your requirements, both through drag-and-drop functionality, transfering via keyboard shortcuts or using the system clipboard. Quick searching in the script allows you to find the desired actions.

Product can be executed from the command-line, that supports the build, silent build, action packages installation, and also the compilation of more scripts at once.

Flow control, expressions, variables

Each action includes options for the script "flow control" on the basis of its result or the results of previous actions. This allow the users of Precision Builder Express to define simpler scripts without complicated conditional structure. More complex situations can be solved by the special action types ("if condition", actions folder, etc.).

User-defined variables are very well supported, directly in the script actions.

The product offers a lot of predefined application and system variables and so-called "macros" to work with the registry and ini files. For values assignment and the flow control conditions, you can use the expression evaluation functionality.

Support tools

Precision Builder Express keeps the history logs for each compiled project. Each project is automaticaly backed up, as well as the application options.

Convenient user interface

Precision Builder Express has a simple and easy to use user interface, that uses the standard controls of Microsoft Windows operating system. It provides the multilingual interface with full UNICODE support and with possibility to switch a language without restarting the application.

Also take a look at the screenshots from Precision Builder Express, where you can see the product environment and some of its possibilities.

Current version

Released: 4.12.2010

License: Shareware
(free for non-commercial use)

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


Beta versions and updates ...

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