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Full features list of Precision Builder Express

Basic features 
Clear and easy to use user interace
Multilingual interface, full UNICODE support (switching language without restarting)
Quick access to recently opened projects from the welcome page of application
Sample projects (accessible directly from the application welcome page)
Projects / scripts 
In addition to compiling the entire script, there are options available to "run from" and "run to" the selected action
Debugging the script with help of the breakpoints, step over actions, running selected "branch", and other options
It is possible to run the selected action or a "branch" anytime you want, also during editation of script
Actions activation / deactivation, including batch options for this function
Easy definition and access to user-defined variables directly in script actions
Quick overview of defined variables directly on the project page
A lot of predefined application and system variables
Auxiliary "macros" to work with registry and with the config (ini) files
Support for user-defined macros
Expressions evaluation support in actions for assigning variables and in "if condition" type actions
Support for so called "in-line script" actions (in PascalScript language)
Each action includes options for the script "flow control" on the basis of its result or the results of previous actions:
(break the level, skip children, repeat the level, run only if error occured, stop the script, special action type "if condition" and more ...)
Context sensitive help for currently edited action (published by the author of action)
Quick searching for actions in script, library and in the "action selector"
Easy organization of the script into the logical structure
Flow control guidelines for better orientation in the script structure
Quick movements of actions within the structure by using keyboard shortcuts
Support for clipboard and drag-and-drop operations
Command-line execution support - build, silent build, running the new application instance, action packages installation, ...
Action selector 
Action selector panel for easy addition of actions to script
Quick action searching
Favorite actions filter
Current project actions filter
Action library 
Each action is defined by the interface used and its default parameters
Code editor and GUI designer for actions with "scripting language" interface
Visual designer of user interface for "command-line execution" actions
Filtering actions by category
Quick action searching
Easy addition of actions - by installing the add-on packages or via the on-line updates
Automatically find the necessary third party applications after new actions installation (defined by the action author)
Support for own action publishing - anyone can define, use and publish the actions for other users
Supported interfaces 
Command-line execution (of an external application)
Control services
Message dialogs
Control VersionInfo resources
Control Ini and Txt files
Other internal functions
Scripting language (PascalScript)
Macro library 
Code editor for user-defined macros
Quick searching for macros
Easy addition of macros - by installing the add-on packages or via the on-line updates
Support for own macro publishing - anyone can define, use and publish the macros for other users
Compilation report logs 
Keeping history logs for each project
The protocol can be re-opened and reviewed anytime
Searching the text in protocol
Automatic backup of project files and application data files
Automatic or manual updates from the product online service
Product has no special requirements neither for hardware nor for software
License Shareware*
*) free for non-commercial use

Current version

Released: 4.12.2010

License: Shareware
(free for non-commercial use)

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


Beta versions and updates ...

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