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"Precision Competitions - Printable Templates" is the ultimate collection of high quality printable materials, related to sports and competitions. This collection contains templates, that you can easily print and use (in Adobe PDF format) as well as the templates in editable formats, as for example OpenOffice Draw, Microsoft Office Word, and more. In addition, the collection also includes the so called "form templates" in Adobe PDF format - they allow you to enter informations about the event yet before printing.

Collection currently contains more than 170 competition systems (patterns) and their variants. The templates are designed in the classic and modern style, and in different themes (blank, form, thematic templates).

Thanks to the processing in different file formats (Adobe PDF, OpenOffice Draw, Microsoft Office Word, ...), paper sizes (A3, A4, Letter, ...) and page layouts (portrait, landscape) this means that you can now choose from more than 4 000 templates!

The templates catalog

An easy to use catalog is distributed along with the collection, so you can quickly find, browse or to select a template for editing or printing.

Templates in the catalog are organized by the category, and along with the searching there is also available a filtering by styles and filtering by template themes. Templates can be marked as a favorites and they can be displayed in a special list at any time.

For the current template in the list is always displayed a preview with the selected paper size and the page orientation. You can open and print the template in the selected format, as well as you can copy the template file to the folder of your choice.

The templates and the catalog application are delivered in Czech and English language versions.

Product showcase, demoversion and the templates gallery

The Product showcase brings you a brief overview of what you can find inside the "Precision Competitions - Printable Templates collection". There you can find a previews of interesting templates, the catalog screenshots, a cutouts in a large zoom, and much more examples.

You can also download the product demo version, that contains a few templates in Adobe PDF format, so you can verify their look and the design quality.

You can find all the template previews and their specifications in the Templates gallery on these web pages.

Available editions and templates customization

The "Precision Competitions - Printable Templates" collection is distributed in several editions. Each edition contains a different file formats, so you can get the templates for a various kinds of uses.

This includes the ready for printing templates in the "Pdf Edition", the vector file format templates in the "Pro Edition", an "Office Edition" with templates in a standard office formats, and more.

For those who want to get its own or modified templates, we offer also the template customization services.

Installation and the system requirements

Templates contained in the "Precision Competitions - Printable Templates" collection are available for all operating systems platforms. The primary installation packages are intended for Microsoft Windows platform, because they contain the catalog application, that is designed for this operating system only. Users of OS Linux and Mac OS X may use the "portable" installation packages (without the catalog application).

Current release

Version: 2010.4
Released: 6.4.2010

License agreement

OS: MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

For OS Linux and Mac OS X users there are a versions without the catalog

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