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Product showcase

This is a brief showcase of what you can find inside the Precision Competitions - Printable Templates collection. Click on the images bellow to view pictures in full size.

Template previews   more templates

Single elim. tournament
for 128 players
classic style, tennis theme

Round-robin w. schedule
5 players per group
classic style

Single elimination
brackets for 32 players
modern style, table-tennis

Berger scheduling tables
3 to 16 participants
classic style

Single elim. tournament
for 128 players
classic style

Single elimination
brackets for 64 players
classic style

Round-robin template
4 players per group
free form, classic style

Sample page from
customized template set
classic style
  See the original templates in the demo version of the product
Catalog browser screenshots

Welcome page of the
templates catalog browser

Browsing templates in the catalog,
preview of selected template

Templates in Adobe Reader,
OpenOffice Draw, Microsoft Word
Examples of design quality

Curves that are used in
elimination systems (modern style)
Adobe PDF format, 1600% zoom

Hatch patterns used in
round-robin system groups
Adobe PDF format, 400% zoom

Single elimination brackets
made as a table in
Microsoft Office Word
Styles and themes

Elimination system in modern style displayed in three different themes

A one page sample from a two stage tournament set, blank theme

A same page as in the previous sample, but made in a tennis theme

A picture from product home page with different templates and themes

Current release

Version: 2010.4
Released: 6.4.2010

License agreement

OS: MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

For OS Linux and Mac OS X users there are a versions without the catalog

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