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Features overview

Here is the overview of important or interesting features of the Precision Helper product. Full features list can be found here.

Help projects management

In addition to the usually provided list of recently opened projects (available e.g. at the welcome page), Precision Helper offers a list of projects managed by the user. Handling of projects and folders is easy as using the keyboard, so using the mouse. The user has several options available to add the projects to the list, including the import of all project files found in the selected folder.

Editing the contents and index

Editing possibilities of the table of contents and index of keywords are really extensive. Moving items using the keyboard, clipboard, or drag & drop the matter of course. Precision Helper also allows easy transfer of items between different instances of the application and between Precision Helper and other applications (also using the clipboard or drag & drop).
There is an Object Inspector that is designed to easy parameters editing, and this for the selected topic (or keyword), as well as for the entire table of contents (resp. the index).
The user can choose from several options for selecting or creating a topic (enter the url, file selection via the system dialog, project file selection dialog, selecting the topic from external help, creating the topic from template, creating a copy of another topic, creating a blank topic, automatic finding of topics or words, etc.).

Embedded editor of topics includes the syntax highlighting, code completion feature, text and code insertion via predefined keystrokes and the support for using application extensions (add-ons).

Quick keywords assignment (such as adding text, that is selected in the current topic) is an effective tool to link the content and index.

Quick search (filtering) allows to effectively search the table of contents (resp. the index), that has a large number of items.

Context-sensitive help editor

This editor gives you the full control over assigning context IDs, alias IDs, source files and commentaries.
Possibility to work in simple mode is advantageous for users who do not want to deal with detailed definitions.
This editor allows you to also enter so-called text popups, a visual indication of duplicities and last but not least copying and pasting the selected items to and from the clipboard (for easy collaboration with other applications).

Extensive definition options for other help elements

Precision Helper includes lots of other possibilities and options to facilitate the help authoring. Among others this is the included files editor, to manage files explicitly included in the resulting help. It is filterable according to various criteria, it contains a preview of the currently selected file in the list and it allows the transfer of selected files to and from the clipboard, or drag-and-drop between instances of Precision Helper and external applications (Windows Explorer, text editor, etc.).
Next feature, the visual window type designer, that allows not only to define the window properties, but via simple mouse clicks allows put the buttons on the toolbar window, choose the default navigation panel tabs, etc.

Detailed product features list can be found here.

Compilation and help publishing

Of course the product provides compilation option to the CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) format, publishing to the online help format (WebHelp), publishing to the ePUB (e-book) format and export to the single html document format (designed for printing and conversion to PDF). Online help publishing mechanism supports the user defined templates.
Next useful tool is certainly an import of existing CHM file (more precisely: creating a new help project via decompilation of selected CHM file).
Authors of large number of help projects can use the builds list feature.

Supporting tools

In addition to essential tools, options and possibilities already mentioned, the product contains also CHM Viewer (to verify the contents of compiled help file), API Tester (for testing the HTML Help API), user defined external tools (help compiler, html editor, image editor, web browser), Quick launch (panel with large user defined buttons, located directly on welcome page), global search (searching the texts in all selected areas of project and applicaiton, including the topic texts), and many more.

Application extensions (add-ons)

Precision Helper implements two interfaces for using the application extensions (add-ons). They are command-line interface and Pascal Script interface.

Application add-ons can significantly extend the functionality of the product in different areas and can be created by third parties.

Examples of available add-ons:

Modern look and feel

An important factor when working with the product is certainly the appearance and ergonomics of the user interface. Precision Helper uses advanced control features, is very variable in layout and visibility settings of the elements and last but not least allows you to work with multiple topics (as well as other data and lists) in tabs .

Current version

Version: 2.0 RC2
Released: 20.6.2011

License: Freeware

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Product translations:

Beta versions and updates ...     (15.07.2012 - German translation)

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