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Translations of Precision Helper

Here you can find all the available translations of Precision Helper.

  Language Author Version  
CzechPrecision software & consulting 2.0
EnglishPrecision software & consulting 2.0
FrenchAlexandre Veuillet 2.0
GermanV. Kositz 2.0
HungarianSándor Döbröntei 2.0
Chineseamnesiac 2.0 (Updated 16.04.2012)
PolishJanusz Grzybek 2.0
RussianAlexandr V. Ivanov 2.0

To install desired localization, simply download the selected archive (.zip) and unpack its contents into the appropriate folder of Precision Helper product.

Current version

Version: 2.0 RC2
Released: 20.6.2011

License: Freeware

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Product translations:

Beta versions and updates ...     (15.07.2012 - German translation)

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