Welcome to the Precision Helper

Precision Helper is a tool for creating and managing help projects in Microsoft Compiled Html Help (CHM) format. It focuses on the organization of existing html files, xml files, scripts, images and other resources so that the help author has the best overview of his project.

Precision Helper works natively with the Microsoft HTML Help projects format (HHP) and allows to publish resulting help to the CHM, WebHelp, ePUB (e-book), PDF*) and the single html document formats.

Precision Helper is designed for advanced developers and authors, but user-friendly environment enables creating help projects also by novice users.

Precision Helper is distributed as a FREEWARE. Read the License agreement for more informations.

What's new?

Version 2.0 brings you a lot of requested improvements (see the full changelog). The most important news include:

Getting started ...

Tutorials & examples

  *)  See also Export into the Adobe PDF.

**)  The source project and the resulting help file of this reference is maintained and compiled by the Precision Helper product.