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How it works?

Precision Language Suite allows you to create multilingual applications by three basic scenarios. Each scenario assumes the use of language files (translations), that you can prepare in your favorite text editor, or better, in specialized tools that are part of the Precision Language Suite.

Create multilingual applications

  1. Using TplsController component
  2. Using TLanguageManager class directly
  3. Using combination of both prior scenarios

We recommend you to look at all the demonstration projects, so you can check the implementation of PLS Engine in practice. Basic source code suggestions are available also in PLS Editor tool.


Prepare language files (translations)

Although you can define your language files in any available text editor, Precision Language Suite offers two specialized tools, that provide much more comfort and much better control of your translations.

Additionally you can use an embedded localization feature of PLS Engine to make or modify translations of your application directly in run-time.


Distribute your application

  • Distribute all prepared language files (.LNG / .LNGZ) together with your application
  • You can include also your localization project file (.PLE) into the distribution package, because it allows your end-users to actively participate on translations of your product
  • PLS Engine allows you to adapt translations of your product to the specific requirements of certain customers without altering your official distribution package. This could be done by creating, so called, "user language files" (.LNGU).

Current version

Version: 2.5
Released: 2013-10-20


PLS Editor:Shareware
PLS Translator:Freeware
PLS Engine:Freeware

Supported IDEs:
Delphi version 7 to XE5

Editor is designed for:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Editor translations:

Beta versions and updates ...
    v2.5.2, 2014-09-30

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