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Utilities, components and other tools

On this page you can find various utilities, components and other tools, that were created during the times.

Some of them are part of our core products, some are created purely for internal purposes. Maybe you find them useful.

All are available absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.
Enjoy It!

Monitoring utilities

Database Command Executor

This is a simple utility that can perform SQL commands in your databases. You can execute an insert, update or delete commands as well as select statements. Utility returns an appropriate results (or the number of processed records) that you can also save to the specified XML, CSV or TXT file.

It is possible to immediately transform the resulting XML file by the selected XSL stylesheet template, so you can export the result to as many text based formats as you want.

The sql statement may include parameters and the user can enter the parameter values in a simple editable grid. Statement is run as many times as rows in the grid, the user defines.

If you run the utility without command-line parameters, the full GUI is displayed, so you can specify and save the parameters, that you can use later by a command-line execution.

Database Command Executor uses the dbExpress technology for database connection. MySQL, Interbase, Firebird and BlackfishSQL databases are supported by default, as well as the common connection via the ODBC drivers. You can extend the list of supported databases by any dbExpress v4 driver (ie. Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, etc.).

Note: see also X-SQLT Command-line Processor, which is designed for similar tasks, but is faster, more flexible, easier to distribute and more resource friendly.

Screenshot 1    Screenshot 2    Screenshot 3    Screenshot 4    Example of XSLT usage   

Version 2.3 Freeware
Version 2.3    (without the demo databases and configurations) Freeware


PAD Monitor

This command-line tool gives you the possibility to monitor PAD files (Portable Application Description files) for updates and to create an output "info file" for detected changes. "Info file" then can serve as your RSS newsfeed, SQL updates script, or just a text file for any other purpose. Modified PAD files are downloaded and saved to their defined location.

You can subscribe to the resulting RSS file via your favorite browser (resp. news feed reader), resulting SQL script can be executed in your database, so it can update the informations about registered products, or you can simply send the resulting text file via e-mail.
Format of your "info files" can be easily defined by using the templates, whose examples are available under the "templates" folder.

Detailed description of PAD Monitor features can be found in Readme.txt file in the downloaded "" archive.

Version Freeware



The command-line utility "db2rss" (in conjuction with any task scheduler) gives you the possibility to monitor changes in given database (accurately: changes in passed SQL SELECT statement) and create a temporary rss file (using the template) on your local PC, to which you can subscribe as if it was a newsfeed.

Supported database platforms are mySQL, InterBase (Firebird) and Blackfish SQL. If you want to add support to another platform, please feel free to contact our technical support. See also the "page2rss" utility (below).

Version Freeware



Sometimes you want to get news from a web site, that does not provide any of "newsfeed" service. The command-line utility "page2rss" (in conjuction with any task scheduler) gives you the possibility to monitor changes on given web page and create a temporary rss file (using the template) on your local PC. Then you can subscribe to this newsfeed.

Yes, we know - there are web sites that merge your favorite links, there are feed readers that can track web page changes. But some of the very good feed readers does not support the tracking of web page changes and some of us do not want to use the feed joining web services. So this is the one of possible solutions.

Version Freeware

VCL components for Delphi


Delphi VCL component. TDateTimePicker descendant, that supports editing both date and time together. In fact, editing of any date and time format is available through the FormatString property.

Version 1.1 (for Delphi 5 to 2009.) Freeware



Delphi VCL component. This is a simple "page control" with headline cards only (placed on left) instead of tabs. Written from scratch, not a TPageControl descendant.

Version 1.1 (for Delphi 5 to 2009.) Freeware



Top 4 Download - Editor's Pick Award

Simple interactive tool to encode/decode texts and files via MIME Base64 encoding.

Version Freeware


Backup and Run

The purpose of this tool is to ensure creating data backups for users, where their applications can not. There is a lot of products (although they are widely used), that do not allow users to backup their data regularly. - 5/5 star rating award

With the help of "Backup and Run", you simply create a shortcut of selected application, that ensures the first backup selected data file and then run the application itself.

Setting the desired shortcut is easy, so if you have some product, that does not support backups, try this tool. If you want to add more backup options, please feel free to contact our technical support.


Version Freeware



Easy to use pkzip compatible file archiver. This command-line utility can zip/unzip your files. It is based on the "SciZip" Delphi component.

Version Freeware


Utilities listed on this page
are available free of charge. However, if you find some of them useful, you can support the development by donating. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Softpedia - 100% Clean Award

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