Version 1.0

X-SQLT Manual

X-SQLT (Extended SQL Transformation) is a free-form, declarative, XML-based language used to describe a series of commands for data exchange and transformations, that can be performed on databases, data files or structured documents. It is designed to allow easy selection, conversion and transformation of data using SQL, XML, XSLT, XPath and scripting languages (VBScript, JavaScript, etc).

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X-SQLT Command-line Processor is a console application, that implements all language specifications and allows you to perform specified tasks by using generally available technologies, like ADO DB, MSXML and WSH, and by supporting common data formats (XML, CSV and JSON) and transformations (XSLT, XPath, VBScript, JScript, etc).

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Usage examples

X-SQLT can be used in many scenarios, so we recommend you to take a look at examples, that are included into X-SQLT distribution package, and from which you can get the basic idea about the language possibilities. All these examples are executable on one mouse click1) from your Windows environment, so they also demonstrate the usage of X-SQLT Command-line Processor.

Brief overview of what you can do with X-SQLT:

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License and distribution

X-SQLT installation package, including the reference manual, sample projects and the set of free X-SQLT Tools, is distributed as a FREEWARE. Read the License agreement for more information.

1)  Standard installation of X-SQLT package will associate the xsqlt file extension with xsqlt.exe command-line processor, so you can execute the examples from your Windows environment. For portable installations you have to perform this association manually.

*)  The source project and the resulting help file of this reference is maintained and compiled by Precision Helper.