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Consulting services

We offer also an advice and guidance on solving problems that concern the following topics:

You can send your questions and problems to our e-mail Answers to your questions will be sent by e-mail within 48 hours. Your questions have a non-binding character, and only if you find our advices helpful, and you will be satisfied with them, you will be billed an amount according to the price list of consulting services. Otherwise, we do not ask a financial compensation for time spent on solving your problem.

Consulting services - price list

Consultation topic Price / hour
Application development €12
Web technologies €12
Database technologies €16
Reviews and comparison of software products €20

An appropriate amount for consulting services will be charged only if you find our advices and solutions helpful, and you will be satisfied with them.

Software development on demand

If you are interested in creating custom software solutions, you can contact us by e-mail at We can help you to analyze of your solution, suggest an appropriate technology that should be used, and create such a solution. We can also recommend an adequate existing product, if it is available on the market.

We specialize in a simple applications and products with a short development cycle, that can be quickly implemented, tested and involved into your business portfolio. Price for the solution is always negotiated in advance, as estimated by the cost of the project (see the indicative "price list for software development on demand" bellow).

Software development on demand - price list

Kind of work Price / hour
Analysis of the solution
(analysis of user's requirements, functional analysis, designing the project plan)
Data analysis
(designing the data model for database applications)
Development works
(programming the solution)
Finding and recommendation
of an existing adequate product

This price list is only indicative, the final price is agreed with the customer in advance.

*) All prices are listed without VAT. Payments can be made by credit transfer from receipt of invoice, or through the PayPal service.

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