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DecoCharts for VCL

A set of interactive charting components for Embarcadero Delphi, that can extended your applications with decomposition bar charts, budget status indicators, KPI status tables, comparison tables and similar presentations.

Components are designed as a lightweight alternative to the universal grids and charting components. Every component from the DecoCharts package can be used separately for its concrete purposes, without some resource-heavy universal component class in the background.

DecoCharts components are designed for all Delphi versions from 7 to XE5.

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What's included?


Interactive decomposition chart that allows you to present different types of financial, statistical or general numeric data in a clear form of expandable bars.

Sections in each bar can be expanded and collapsed using the mouse or keyboard, so the end-users can easily navigate through the hierarchical structure of data defined in the chart.

Of course, TDecoBar can be used to display a simple (one-level) stacked bar chart.


Specialized grid of progress bars and their additional (supporting) data. Such a grid is a perfect for presenting various kinds of budgets, KPI values, and other data that need to be displayed in a percentage form.

This component can also be used as a simple progress bar with status labels. TDecoProgressGrid is lightweight and easy to setup, so you don't have to use some universal grid components for displaying this kind of charts or tables.


Implements an easy to use comparison table that is based on the list of criterias, the list of alternatives and criteria values for each alternative.

TDecoCompareGrid supports numeric, rating, progress bar, logical and text based criteria values, as well as custom drawing of comparison grid cells.


It is a simple interactive rating component. You can use it to display, or to get the user rating feedback.

It supports a few internal styles and works also with linked image list (that contains the rating stars pictures)


Standalone progress bar component, that mimics the visual style of progress bars used in other complex DecoCharts controls.

TDecoBarPlus, TDecoProgressGridPlus and other components with "Plus" suffix

Descendants of the standard DecoCharts components (mentioned above), that use the GDI+ library for antialiased and composited drawing. This enhances the look and the feel of resulting charts/grids.

DecoChartsPlus components supports also the Aero-Glass effect, so they can be used in conjunction with GlassFrame and ParentBackground options of your forms (for Delphi 2007 and above).

Take a look at the screenshots and download our demo applications to see these components in action.

Current version

Version: 1.3
Released: 2013-11-18

License: Shareware

Supported Delphi IDEs:
version 7 through XE5

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