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Precision Builder Express

Application designed to automate the compilation and distribution process of software products. Its capabilities are very well usable to automate any user defined tasks.

Precision Builder Express is a professional product, that provides a comprehensive yet easy to use environment for the definition, management and running of automation projects - so called scripts. Each script is composed of predefined action types organized in the logical structure and parameterized according to the script needs.

For a definition of action types the product provides the Action library. This allows the categorization, adding, editing, deleting, installing new and publishing own actions.

What's included?

  • Action based architecture
  • Action library and comfortable Action selector
  • Script in the tree structure and easy action movements
  • Debugging capabilities and command-line execution
  • Flow control options available in each action
  • Support for variables, macros and expression evaluations
  • Customizable macros
  • Support for PascalScript language
  • Visual designer for graphical user interface of actions
  • History logs
  • Easy creation of actions for your own existing applications
  • Publishing of own actions
  • Auto updates for actions, macros and the product itself
  • and more ...

Precision Builder Express is distributed free of charge for non-commercial use. For use in the commercial sphere, it is necessary to buy a license and register the product.

    Softpedia - 100% Clean Award

Current version

Released: 4.12.2010

License: Shareware
(free for non-commercial use)

System requirements:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


Beta versions and updates ...

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