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PLS Translator

A free lightweight editor intended mainly for translators (not for developers). It has some limitations in compare to PLS Editor, but it is provided completely free of charge.

PLS Translator can be used to make translations of your products by external translators, or by any employee in your company, that don't need to define new localization items and that don't need to synchronize the localization project with source codes of your products.

Usage scenario:

  • Developer prepares the localization project in PLS Editor, by including at least the default translation (ie. English)
  • Then he sends the project (.PLE and .LNG files) to translator
  • Translator can add new languages to the project and translate texts of predefined localization items by using PLS Translator tool
  • Then translator sends the project back to the developer, which can include new (or modified) language files into his distribution package

Using PLS Translator instead of the classical schema, like "export into CSV - translation - import from CSV", has many advantages for you. Among other things, we can name the tagging system, support for comments, avoiding errors during an import/export from and to different tools (used by translators), and it's completely free to use.

Limitations of PLS Translator:

  • Adding, removing and duplicating items is not allowed
  • Import option is not supported (while Export is available)
  • Paste from clipboard option does not support objects copied from Delphi/Lazarus IDE
  • Source code suggestions are not available
  • Source files list is hidden, source files are not parsed, nor handled in any way (but of course the list is preserved in your project file)
  • Class Library Manager is not available
  • Options for adding predefined constants and / or messages are not available
  • LangConsts.pas file is not generated and all related options are hidden (but of course it is preserved in your project file)
  • User can change default language temporarily, but it will not be saved into the project file
  • Additional locations for saving copies of .LNG files are ignored (but of course the list is preserved in your project file)
  • Shell exec options "Before open" and "After save" are not allowed (but of course these options are preserved in your project file)
  • Platform selection (VCL/FMX/LCL) in Project options dialog is available only when creating a new project
  • You can create new projects in PLS Translator, but localization items can be added only by including an existing .LNG files
  • All the functions mentioned above are disabled also in scripting interface, so you can use all available PLS Editor add-ons, but their possibilities are limited to PLS Translator features.

Current version

Version: 2.5
Released: 2013-10-20


PLS Editor:Shareware
PLS Translator:Freeware
PLS Engine:Freeware

Supported IDEs:
Delphi version 7 to XE5

Editor is designed for:
MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Editor translations:

Beta versions and updates ...
    v2.5.2, 2014-09-30

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