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TagCloud for VCL

This package brings you the visual components, that are based on idea of a well known "tag cloud" navigation element.

Namely, you can use TTagCloud and TTagIndex components coupled with a predefined styling components for managing the look and feel of your tag clouds and indexes. Complementary TNavPathLabel component implements a simple path info label (ie. the path to the selected item of content, file path, etc.).

Components are designed for all Embarcadero Delphi versions from 7 to XE7.

So if you want to give the users of your desktop applications the same features of navigation, that are familiar from the web environment, or if you want to easily implement an index of keywords feature into your applications, try these components.

Data visualization in a tag cloud (or tag index) can be really useful in any information system, from a simple databases, over the information management, after the complex knowledge bases.

Navigational features and the different drawing styles of tag cloud component are applicable to a various kinds of sidebar panels or special lists of items, and of course, this component can be used to extend the search functionality of your applications.

A brief features overview

  • Font size and/or the color scaling (custom color levels)
  • Support for linear, logarithmic and custom scales
  • Settings for alignment and spacing between tags
  • Variable and/or fixed row height
  • Support for fixed columns width
  • Tags can be placed in a horizontal or vertical direction
  • Different styles for normal, hovered and selected tags

  • Transparent background
  • Drawing over the Aero Glass effect on the parent controls
  • Event handlers for custom drawing of items and backgrounds
  • Mouse hover and mouse click events for tags
  • Easy tag items definition, both in design-time and run-time
  • Loading and saving the tags, by supporting the CSV files, TStrings and an array structure
  • Efficient and very fast loading of required items from large scale data sets
  • Manual and/or automatic sorting

  • Multi-page views and an auto-sizing of the control
  • Fast binary search
  • Automatic and/or user defined filtering of items
  • Complementary styler components
  • TTagCloud component is a descendant of TGraphicControl and has no other libraries or third-party component requirements. Works very fast and without the flickering in a double-buffered mode, as well as in the direct canvas painting mode.
  • Full source code available (on purchase)

  • TTagIndex component allows you to implement an "Index of keywords" feature into your applications very easily
  • It is a descendant of TCustomTagCloud control, so it is a good starting example for creating your own variants of tag clouds
  • Supports custom index labels
  • Includes an automatic handling of page number selectors for multi-page indexes
  • Index labels can be displayed in various positions
  • Full source code is available (on purchase)

As you can see, TTagCloud component has all the common features for easy presentation of the list of data to the user, that you can expect from this kind of visual representation.

TTagIndex component allows you to present an index of keywords to the user in a simple but effective form. It can be used also as a special menu bar thanks to the possibility of customizing your index labels.

Take a look at the screenshots and download the demo applications to see the components in action.

Current version

Version: 2.1
Released: 2014-10-01

License: Shareware

Supported Delphi IDEs:
version 7 through XE7 - Editor's Pick Award

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