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DecoCharts for VCL

Precision Language Suite
for Delphi & Lazarus

Precision NCA Components for VCL


TagCloud for VCL

for RemObjects Pascal Script

Precision VCL Pack
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Developer Tools

JavaScript SiteSearch Generator

pdScript / pdScript IDE

Precision Builder Express


Precision Helper


Precision Utilities

Other Products

Draw Designer

Precision Competitions - Printable Templates

Precision Helper - Smart review on! editors have called Precision Helper "the best among the like" in their smart review.
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Draw Designer

Tournament brackets generator
for free!

Draw Designer allows you to generate draws and fixtures for your tournaments, leagues and other competitions, based on specified parameters. It allows you to create blank draws as well as draws with recorded results. High quality output in Adobe PDF, or Windows Metafile (EMF) vector format can be used for printing or post processing in any graphical software.

Draw Designer is available at
See also: Precision Competitions - Printable Templates.


Extended SQL Transformation for complex data exchange tasks!

This new product in our portfolio is somewhat different than others. Yes, as usually, you can find a handy utility inside, that (we hope) will make your work easier (in this case it concerns tasks for data exchange). But this time we provide you with something more.

We have tried to design a declarative language specification, whose rules (we think) could be applied to a large majority of data exchange tasks. We have put our efforts into this job, because we use similar principles and techniques (that are implemented into this language) again and again in many one-off utilities, import/export algorithms and also in some reporting engines.

So, we decided to put all our practical knowledge from that area into the specification of new language, called X-SQLT (Extended SQL Transformation). Starting from now, everytime we will need to transfer any data from somewhere to somewhere, we will create a new X-SQLT project, so we can declare what we want to do, not to program the whole process (at least mostly). Then we let the X-SQLT processor do the job. All used options, required parameters, SQL statements, transformation algorithms and possibly also the code (in selected scripting language) are stored in one place, in an X-SQLT project document, which is also convenient from many aspects.

Learn more about X-SQLT ...

Discount offer

Special offer for translators!

Create a new localization for Precision Helper, Precision Builder Express, Precision Language Suite or pdScript IDE and get a full license of any of our products.

Translations can be created in any text editor or directly in our localization tool (Precision Language Suite). We provide you with all the necessary information and materials that you will need for successful translation of the chosen product.

If you are interested in this offer, you can contact us via technical support form, or via e-mail



We have updated our Terms and Conditions due to a "General Data Protection Regulation" (EU).


We have updated our Terms and Conditions due to cancelling the possibility of purchasing our products directly via PayPal and/or e-mail (banking account transfers). Starting from 2015-08-02 you can buy our products online via MyCommerce (Share-It!) service only, that offers both of previously mentioned options including the right VAT handling for buyers from EU, as well as for buyers from other countries.


Precision NCA Components for VCL v1.2 have been updated to support Delphi XE6/XE7.


An update of TagCloud for VCL v2.1 is available for download. This release includes support for Delphi XE6/XE7.


Update of Precision Language Suite version 2.5.2 with support for Delphi XE6/XE7 in PLS Engine is available for download.


A patch for TagCloud component is available for download (via the customers section of our site). It solves a minor bug that caused some memory leaks.


Draw Designer v2.5 is now available for download. This update includes two new playing systems and some other minor improvements.


TagCloud for VCL v2.0 with Delphi XE5 support is now available for download.


An update of DecoCharts for VCL v1.3 has been released. It includes support for Delphi XE3, XE4 and XE5.


Precision NCA Components for VCL v1.1 are available for download. This update includes support for Delphi XE4 and XE5, new pre-defined styles for title bar buttons and other minor improvements and fixes.


A long awaited version 2.5 of Precision Language Suite is out. Please, take a look at the wide list of new features and improvements that we have included into this release.


A Danish translation is now available for Draw Designer. Many thanks to Torben Skalshoej for his contribution.


New BETA release of Precision Language Suite v2.5 is available for download.


New versions of pdScript v1.9 and pdScript IDE v1.3 are available for download. This update of pdScript family products brings you the possibility to build a standalone executable applications from your scripts and a lot of other improvements and fixes.


An update of X-SQLT v1.2 is available for download. It brings you a new possibilities in the field of JSON transformations and other minor improvements.


An update of JavaScript SiteSearch Generator v1.5.2 has been released. This version fixes an issue with parsing html entities stored as %NN during the creation of search index.

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