GT Tracker

Personal working-time tracker

A simple application for personal time-tracking. You can record and organize your tasks in any tool of your choice (eg. GitLab, Redmine, etc.) and GT Tracker will just help you to track the time spent on them.

  • Daily tasks time-tracking
  • Simple and clear user interface
  • Plenty of keyboard shortcuts to easily enter and manage the tracked time
  • Editable history
  • Favorites and recently used task list
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports (in PDF or HTML formats)
  • Smart grouping of tasks in reports
  • Data exports in CSV format
  • Manual tasks entry
  • Tasks entry from the list of currently active applications, favorites or recent tasks
  • Hyperlinks to task pages in related management software (eg. GitLab, Redmine)
  • Recording the spent time in related management software (via clipboard on opening the link)

Precision Helper

Feature-rich help authoring tool

It focuses on the organization of existing html files, xml files, scripts, images and other resources so that the help author has the best overview of his project.

Precision Helper works natively with the Microsoft HTML Help projects format (HHP) and allows to publish resulting help to the CHM, WebHelp, ePUB (e-book), PDF and the single html document formats.

Precision Helper is designed for advanced developers and authors, but user-friendly environment enables creating help projects also by novice users.

  • Easy editing of the contents and the index
  • Context-sensitive help editor
  • Customizable topic and project templates
  • Embedded topic editor with syntax highlighting,
  • code completion and text/code insertion via predefined keystrokes
  • Visual window type designer
  • Wide support for clipboard and drag & drop
  • Publishing the CHM, WebHelp, ePUB (e-book), PDF, ...
  • Creating a new project from an existing CHM file
  • Global searching, "Quick launch" on the welcome page, CHM Viewer and other supporting tools
  • Project files management, topic browsing in tabs
  • Scripting interface for application extensions (Add-Ons)

Precision Builder Express

Visual build automation tool

It is designed to automate the compilation and distribution process of software products. Its capabilities are very well usable to automate any user defined tasks.

  • Action based architecture
  • Action library and comfortable Action selector
  • Script in the tree structure and easy action movements
  • Debugging capabilities and command-line execution
  • Flow control options available in each action
  • Support for variables, macros and expression evaluations
  • Customizable macros
  • Support for PascalScript language
  • Visual designer for graphical user interface of actions
  • History logs
  • Easy creation of actions for your own existing applications


Pascal scripting for Windows (IDE & interpreter)

pdScript IDE is a development environment for writing the code and designing the forms (GUI) in a Pascal Script language.

pdScript is a standalone executable interpreter of Pascal Script language, with a native support for graphical user interface.

pdScript interpreter allows you to execute your scripts directly from Windows environment, from the command-line or via dynamically linked interpreter embedded into your application. You can also build a standalone executable applications from your scripts, including an optional encryption of the code.

Precision Language Suite

Localization tools for Delphi and Lazarus

Precision Language Suite is a set of localization tools for Delphi and Lazarus development environments. It allows you to create multilingual applications in any available framework (VCL, FireMonkey, LCL) and for all supported platforms (Win32, Win64, OSX, ...).

PLS Engine Features
  • TplsController component for easy implementation of this engine into your application
  • TLanguageManager class for low-level handling of all localization operations
  • Localization of component properties, text constants, resource strings and general strings (ie. messages from 3rd-party DLLs.)
  • Embedded localization (for translating texts directly in run-time)
  • Dynamic language switching in run-time
  • Designed for Delphi and FreePascal/Lazarus IDEs.
  • Supporting VCL, FMX and LCL frameworks, 32 and 64-bit Windows platform, MacOSX and Linux (iOS and Android platforms are in experimental phase)
PLS Editor Features
  • Editing localization items in a well-arranged grid, where all selected languages are displayed side by side
  • Comfortable navigator for browsing items by category
  • Quick searching and filtering of items
  • Finding and replacing texts
  • Bookmarks on items
  • Tags and comments, including an automated tagging
  • Spell checking
  • Automatic scan and synchronization of defined source code files
  • Independence on source code files, which means freedom in defining localization items
  • Import/Export of various file formats
  • Automatic translation features, including the support for custom dictionaries (Microsoft Terminology Collection), web translation services (Google Translate, Microsoft Translator) and services defined by scriptable extensions (MyMemory, TMX files, TBX files, etc.)
  • Reporting features
  • Support for user-defined extensions (these can be written in JavaScript, VBScript, Pascal Script, and other scripting languages)
  • Libraries - customizable system of packages and templates, that you can use for defining known and ignored component properties, tags, language codes and names, predefined constants and strings, etc.
  • Multilingual user interface (English, Czech, German, French, Italian, etc.)

TagCloud for VCL

Navigational components for Delphi

This package brings you visual components, that are based on idea of a well known "tag cloud" navigation element.

Data visualization in a tag cloud (or tag index) can be really useful in any information system, from a simple databases, over the information management, after the complex knowledge bases.

Navigational features and the different drawing styles of tag cloud component are applicable to a various kinds of sidebar panels or special lists of items, and of course, this component can be used to extend the search functionality of your applications.

DecoCharts for VCL

Specific charts for Delphi

A set of interactive charting components for Delphi, that can extended your applications with decomposition bar charts, budget status indicators, KPI status tables, comparison tables and similar presentations.

Components are designed as a lightweight alternative to the universal grids and charting components. Every component from the DecoCharts package can be used separately for its concrete purposes, without some resource-heavy universal component class in the background.

Draw Designer

Tournament brackets generator

Easy to use generator of draws and fixtures for your tournaments, leagues or other competitions. It allows you to create blank draws as well as draws with recorded results.

High quality output in Adobe PDF or Windows Metafile (EMF) vector format can be used for printing or other post processing in any graphical software.

  • Single and double elimination draws
  • Round-Robin groups and league competitions
  • Swiss-system tournaments (including tie-breaking criteria)
  • AFL Finals system draws
  • Alternating doubles draws
  • Customizable draws (by using scripting language)
  • Custom database of participants (players, teams, etc.)
  • Easy recording of match results
  • Interactive standings table
  • Chaining of draws (for organizing multi-phase tournaments)
  • Various options to produce different styles of draws
  • Smart preview of resulting draw
  • Clipboard operations support
  • High quality output into PDF and EMF formats
  • Customizable export of draws into any text based format (html, svg, txt, ...)